Bathroom Pictures, Please?

Wow… checking out amazing real estate listings to enjoy the bathroom photos and there are so few! Bathrooms are the ultimate self care sanctuary and so much is invested in them- Realtors! SHOW US THE BATHTUBS (please 🙂 )!

What is a Bathier?

Chocolatier: someone who’s an expert in making fine chocolate Financier: someone who’s an expert in finance. Hotelier: someone who’s an expert in hospitality And now… Bathier: an expert in all things relating to the art of the bath, bathrooms, and bathing

Let’s Hop In!

Let’s get the bath and the blogging started Taking the time, energy, and expense to take a wonderful bath is an investment. We will work to help you find the best combinations to create your perfect bathing experience each time. Sometimes, we may review a hotel’s dream bathroom (clearly, there are many beautiful baths to… Continue reading Let’s Hop In!

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